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About Reliable Crack Injection Services

If there is one thing water will do, its find the cracks in basement walls. Leaking foundation cracks can leave you with a damp, smelly, unusable basement. Reliable Crack Injection's basement waterproofing system involves injecting cracks with low pressure epoxies and polyurethane foams that fill the cracks throughout the width of the wall and stop the leaks permanently. Our system is effective at filling cracks up to an inch wide in walls up to twelve inches thick. This process can also effectively repair cracks in concrete ceilings and floors. Our materials are flexible, so that the seal remains watertight with minor movement of the walls, ceilings or floors due to Cincinnati's seasonal weather changes, keeping your basement dry.  

When injected into your leaking basement walls, the polyurethane foam expands to follow the cracks and fill every void. The top left photo shows a crack filled from the inside that has expanded through the outside wall sealing the crack permanently. The photo on the right shows the same process on a larger crack. When cleaned up, the outside will look as it always did, with no mess, disruptive digging or excavating on the outside of your home.

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Leak Repair Process

Here is a brief description of Reliable Crack Injection's basement waterproofing process. The type of sealant that is used and the amount of time taken to fix your leak will vary depending on the job, but by following these steps we guarantee to dry out your wet basement and back that up with a 20 warranty.
Leak Repair Process
Planning the waterproofing process

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Cracks vary, but with waterproofing starting at $275 for a normal window leak, why wait?
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